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Howdy! Figuring out what to wear for your session can be overwhelming! I have made this guide to help my clients pick out a wardrobe that works best in front of the camera and will help coordinate your outfits as a couple. Please do not hesitate to run ideas or questions by me. I’m so happy to help! I want you to look your best and feel your best.


1.Picking a color scheme- will allow you to start envisioning what types of things you want each individual to wear. You want to be coordinating but do not match. Most of these options work all year round.



2. Adding Texture- can really add depth to a photo. Lace, knitted sweaters, hats, accessories, or jean jackets are all examples of how you can stay within your color-pallet, but give dimension to your outfits.


3. Limit Patterns- to one person if you feel uncomfortable with styling.


4. Iron / Steam Your Clothes! Nothing will cheapen up a photo quite like wrinkled clothing.


5. In-Direct Matching- One of my favorite tips for dressing is in-direct matching. Say mom is wearing a pastel pink maxi-dress, her spouse could be wearing a subtle pink plaid shirt.


6.Fit Style with Location - Figure out your vibe! Are you getting your photos done on the beach? Then it might be better to use a lighter pallet, or neutrals. If you're in a field, blush & pastel tones pop beautifully against the background.

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